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    1. Our No. 4 wine, the ’08 Château de Peyrassol from the Côtes de Provence, was a more typical southern French rosé, made of grenache, cinsault and syrah.
    2. But the Agricultural Extension Services in several southern states have listed dichondra — a member of the bindweed familyunder "weeds," where it appears by the name ponyfoot.
    3. The Exultet in sources related to southern Italy, in addition to its transmission in twenty-six rolls, is found in twenty-seven other manuscripts: eighteen missals, two evangelistaries, two pontificals, two rituals, two graduals, and one processional.
    4. They rented a cabin with a beautiful southern exposure. ‎
    5. Southern Italy is shaped like a foot. ‎
    6. Early galactographers had defined it as that part of the galaxy which lay between the eastern and southern kingdoms, and the edge of the island-universe.
    7. Mozambican Lina Magaia is a leading thinker in the struggle for black independence in southern Africa. She is a fighter, an agronomist, an author, an administrator, a liberationist, and a mother.
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