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    1. It seemed that there was someone behind me; but when I turned round, no one was there.
    2. It goes on and gets rather graphic as Jimmy, under the impression that he’s speaking to someone at The Herald, pleads to be unembedded.
    3. to vindicate someone's honor
    4. Is someone waiting on you yet?
    5. We LPBs are truly bored with wall humping High Ping Whiners. I would like nothing more than to have someone who can kill me.
    6. If someone undermines you at work you might say they were "white-anting" you. [2]
    7. She looked up at me, dazed, as if someone had just donkey-punched her in the back of the head. She grabbed the waistband of my boxers to steady herself. At this point I was confused. Should I help her up or dick-slap her in the face?
    8. Don't go racing around corners at full tilt or you'll hit someone.
    9. If there is anyone in the audience who can't stand someone pushing a Shinji x Rei thing, I know you want to quit on this fic now.
    10. An antithrust plate is a flat plate that is fitted to the external face of a door, overlapping the edge and covering the gap between the door and frame to prevent someone using an implement to tamper with the latch or bolt.
  • Примеры someones
    1. We have gifts for you to give your special someones.
    2. The someones we have been talking about have been arrested.
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