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  • Примеры region
    1. The posterolateral portion of both cerebellar hemispheres in crus II, lateral to the paravermian region, was activated by auditory stimulation at 40 Hz [36 , 37 ].
    2. In ROI analyses, there were no volume differences in the middle occipital gyrus (region of V5/MT) or parietal operculum 2 (region of the parietoinsular vestibular cortex).
    3. The target antigen is a 210-kDa centrophilin that is not only localized in the pericentrosomal region of mitotic cells but also present in interphase nuclear matrix.
    4. A, occipital region in posterolaterodorsal view.
    5. Of them the nucleus paragigantocellularis (PGi) (located in the rostroventrolateral medulla, RVLM) has been suggested as one of the major brain nuclei sending excitatory (glutamatergic) afferents to LC region [20 ].
    6. Mean injection volumes for initial and touch-up treatments combined for the zygomaticomalar region, anteromedial cheek, and submalar region were 2.39 mL (range, 0.1-7.0 mL), 2.12 mL (range, 0.4-5.7 mL), and 2.42 mL (range, 0.2-10.0 mL), respectively.
    7. They all perform well in terms of segmentation accuracy, but vary in regard to the other desiderata: GBH captures object boundaries best; SWA has the best potential for region compression; and TSP achieves the best undersegmentation error.
    8. This pattern strongly suggests that a deletion of the promoter region occurred in the common ancestor of muroids and abrogated the transcription of exon 1A (as observed in mouse, where the pseudogenized exon 1A is not transcribed, [ 18 ]).
    9. To narrow down the region that contains the genetic loci involved in the aggression-eliciting effects on Chr 15, we established a panel of subconsomic strains of MSM Chr 15.
  • Примеры regions
    1. In the RPE-choroid there was evidence of wound response in both macular and extramacular regions, whereas in the retina the region of response was limited to the macula, as is the primary visual loss.
    2. It was also shown that gene expression in the rat brain, although similar, differs between cortical regions, with 30 genes found to be enriched in the frontomedial cortex [51 ,52 ].
    3. Gelifluction is prominent in periglacial regions where snow falls during six to eight months of the year.
    4. Supporting the glucostatic hypothesis, in vivo studies have demonstrated destroying selected hypothalamic nuclei or regions, including the VMH, induces hyperphagia and obesity, while the ablation of the LHA, leads to hypophagia and loss of bodyweight.
    5. Moreover, two genomic regions strongly responded to selection for thermal tolerance in interlatitudinal crosses.
    6. Recombination as well as gene density increases with relative distance from the centromere, and intrachromosomally duplicated genes are found more frequently at the distal regions of the chromosome.
    7. We identified 181 novel differentially methylated positions (DMPs) including subtelomeric and intrachromosomic regions, outside the classical ICF-related pericentromeric hypomethylated positions.
    8. Lentil grains are rich source of nutritious protein, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins and are mainly consumed as dhal and fried snacks in Indian subcontinent and as soup and muchadara in Mediterranean region and also as sprout in other regions.
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