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    1. It's hard to find spiritual reverence in an advertisement for "Kokopelli," a Chicago "barstaurant" that "endeavors to honor its namesake [ …] "
    2. The namesake maize de cantina, one of the starters, is a big, sweet ear of local corn dripping with chipotle butter and glazed with melted cotija cheese.
    3. Another “Masterpiece” mini-series that season was “Elizabeth R,” starring a fierce and eventually half-bald Glenda Jackson , which could be said to have set into motion an entire Tudor subindustry: films and series about Boleyn’s daughter, among them the two Cate Blanchett “Elizabeth” movies and Helen Mirren ’s 2005 portrayal of the queen who was the namesake of the one she earned an Academy Award for playing a couple of years later, in “The Queen.”
    4. His own reluctant namesake, Mount Beckey, rises some 8,500 feet in a largely uncharted subrange near the Cathedral Spires of southeastern Alaska.

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