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    1. The area was plagued by all sorts of vermin: fleas, lice, mice, and rats to name a few.
    2. The pupil wrote his name on the paper. ‎
    3. Azara, who describes this animal, states, that there is some uncertainty as to its name; but he believes that this, as well as his yagouaroundi, is known by the name eira.
    4. There were ducks, geese, swans, you name it on the lake.
    5. "What can you buy over the internet?" "You name it."
  • Примеры names
    1. The initial letters of their names happily constituted the word "cabal", which with even greater serendipity had a slightly sinister echo of the word cabbala (a secret mystical tradition of Jewish rabbis uncovering hidden meanings in the Bible.)
    2. Time magazine says: "Man of Seven Names. This blond, blue-eyed, Bacchic roughneck had seven names before he died as Kamâl Atatürk."[1]
    3. Names of this sort, theophorous or basilophorous, were regularly given to foreigners residing in Egypt from the New Kingdom onwards, if not earlier; even Joseph was no exception.
    4. Mount McKinley was known to Russians as Bulshaia and to the natives of Cook Inlet as Traleyka. Both names signify 'high' or 'big mountain.' The natives of the interior know it as Denali.
    5. To complicate matters, father and sons changed their names to 'Bigg-Wither', while the girls strong-mindedly kept to their simple original 'Bigg'.
  • Примеры named
    1. In “A Man Among Wolves,” a bizarre and riveting nature documentary that will be shown tonight on the National Geographic Channel, a British former gamekeeper named Shaun Ellis feeds wolf cubs prechewed food from his own mouth.
    2. a cheque marked a/c payee may not be deposited in a bank account which does not belong to the named payee
    3. Tell this soul with sorrow laden if, within the distant Aidenn / It shall clasp a sainted maiden whom the angels named Lenore
    4. You were born in the '70s? Were you named after Lisa on As the World Turns?
    5. It was to be introduced into the wound in its closed state, the ring then drawn back to enable it to lay hold of the substance, pushed forward again to close upon it, and withdrawn. It was named, after its inventor, the Alphonsin.
  • Примеры naming
    1. 1989: ‘By God, you speak our British language, as we must now call it since the new naming of our kingdom, with a fine accent and fluminous smoothness,’ Dick Burbage said. — Anthony Burgess, The Devil's Mode
    2. According to anthropology, there are six basic patterns of kinship terminology (i.e., "kin naming systems"): Sudanese, Hawaiian, Eskimo, Crow, Omaha, and Iroquois.
    3. Wikipedia article on the naming of organic compounds.
    4. Wikipedia article on the naming of inorganic compounds.
    5. “I have 60 different lachenalias, 10 different freesias, 25 moraeas,” Mr. Canning said, naming a few of his beauties, which, mixed in with big pots of camellias, will bloom from now through March.
    6. naming the problem
    7. The Red Book is the standard reference book for those naming inorganic chemical compounds.
    8. To alleviate the problem of naming genes, reannotation of genes and proteins using a set of common, controlled vocabulary to describe a gene or protein is necessary.
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