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  • Примеры mare
    1. My faither had strucken at it, when the mad animal plunged its horns into the side o' the mare, and he fell to the ground.
    2. The mare is given an anti-inflammatory medication (Banamine, flunixin meglumine).
    3. The right femur displays a third trochanter near its proximal end, which is situated cranioventrally with respect to the mare.
  • Примеры mares
    1. "It's no harse Oi have," he solemnly responded, "but Oi've wan av the finest mares in the south av Ireland an Oi'll drive ye over for six shillin'.
    2. The stallion got with foal three out of four mares.
    3. In primiparous (maiden) mares, the fetomaternal contact area of the placenta as well as the surface density of chorionic microcotyledons is smaller than in multiparous mares [22 ].
  • Примеры maria
    1. Maria and Robert loved each other. ‎
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