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EN[ˈ(h)juːmən] [(ç)ju̟ːmən] [(ç)ju̟ːmn̩] [ˈ(h)jumən] [(ç)jumən] [(ç)jumn̩] [ˈjumən] [-uːmən]
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    1. as is clear in the works of Nathaniel Hawthorne, it has a horror of any spiritual miscegenation between the human and the natural.
    2. He has written a book that not only contributes to our understanding of the elusive magic of music but also illuminates the strange workings, and misfirings, of the human mind.
    3. Yet second-hand romance and second-hand emotion are surely better than the dull, soul-killing monotony which life brings to most of the human race.
    4. Most mudangs are women who say they discovered their ability to serve as a mediator between the human and spirit worlds after emerging from a critical illness.
    5. The Pre-Historic Era was the mudsill of human development.
    6. May we not [ …] consider his history of the fall as an excellent mythologue, to account for the origin of human evil? — Geddes.
  • Примеры humans
    1. Reston virus is thought to be apathogenic for humans.
    2. Lard is bad for you. Smoking is bad for you, too. Grapes are bad for dogs but not for humans.
    3. You great big humans might not notice me if you come to my house, but you'd notice my mate all right. My chum, my pal, my bezzy mate, he'd eat you in one gulp, if you were rude to me.
    4. Humans and birds can perceive color.
    5. Humans and birds can perceive colour. ‎
    6. The agency said that the 67 pesticides were chosen because humans and animals are widely exposed to them, not because they are necessarily the most likely disruptors of endocrinal functions.
  • Примеры more human
    1. To make life more human for the oppressed and to reclaim the humanity of the oppressed as well, the racism that is built into our most cherished institutions, including our churches, must be attacked and removed “root and branch.” Without this there can be “whiteanity,” but there can be no genuine Christianity.
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