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  • Существительное (Noun)BFreasonPREré-
    1. plural of reason.
    2. Глагол (Verb)BFreasonPRreasoningPT, PPreasoned
      1. third-person singular simple present indicative form of reason.
      2. Другие примеры
        1. Используется в середине предложения
          • And so far as this opinion prevails, we have reason to fear that the important doctrine, of the real Divinity and even of the humanity of Christ, will be gradually disbelieved.
          • Money of his own he had none, and his purse was always empty by reason of his free-handedness.
          • 'Feede your eyes (quod you) the reason from my wisdom swarveth, / I stared on you both, and yet my belly starveth.' (Edwards, Damon and Pythias, 1571)
        2. Используется в начале предложения
          • Reason away, but the test of time will prove me right.
        3. Используется в завершении предложения
          • Samoza has a long list of people who are personas non grata, and Figures suspects that I cannot get a visa to get into the country for this reason.
          • When they made him, they broke the mold. lt was a cliche that had been spoken about any number of men, for any number of different reasons.
          • the relatives who had been helping slipped away as I grew older, attriting for various reasons that all amounted to the same reason.
      • Часть речи Иерархии (Part-of-Speech Hierarchy)
        1. Существительные
          • Именные формы
            • Именные формы множественного числа
          • Глаголы
            • Глагольных форм
              • Глагол формы единственного числа
                • В-третьих, человек формы единственного числа

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          Meaning of reasons for the defined word.

          Грамматически, это слово "reasons" является Существительные, более конкретно, Именные формы. Это также Глаголы, более конкретно, Глагольных форм.
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